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Contour Doctor Treatments

At Contour Doctor are heavily focused on creating bespoke plans to address any concerns you may come to us with. We offer virtual or in person consultations to get started with creating your pathway to a better, brighter you.

Treatments offered at Contour Doctor include: anti wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, skin boosters including Neauvia Hydro Deluxe and Profhilo, and biostimulatory injectables such as HarmonyCa. Dr Hayley also offers bespoke skincare consultations as part of your journey, and medical grade microneedling for those with skin issues such as acne scarring.


Facial contouring



Anti wrinkle

1 area anti wrinkle (F)

2 areas anti wrinkle (F)

3 areas anti wrinkle (F)

1 area anti wrinkle (M)

2 areas anti wrinkle (M)

3 areas anti wrinkle (M)

Add on

Bunny lines

Eyebrow lift

Lip flip

Depressor angle oris

Chin dimpling

Jawline slimming

Underarm treatment (sweating)

Shoulder slimming

Calf slimming

















Dermal fillers


from £300

from £300

from £300

from £350



from £500

from £500

Skin boosters and biostimulators


Neauvia HD (2 sessions)


Profhilo (2 sessions)








Filler dissolving

Mobile service fee

In clinic consultation

Lip filler

Cheek filler

Nasolabial groove

Marionette lines

Chin augmentation

Tear trough filler

Non surgical rhinoplasty

Jaw contouring

Full face rejuvenation




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